Turning first time buyers into loyal customers

Turning first time buyers into loyal customers 

The power of customer service within any industry is integral to the success or failure of a business. All businesses want to see an upward trend in the amount of new customers they are attracting, but without…

Choosing the right people for your customer service team

Choosing the Right People for a Customer Service Team

Customer service is so important to every business that it is important to invest the energy, time and money into hiring the right team to provide that front-facing aspect of your company. Here we look at a few processes to put the right team in place.

Read more | Jul 31, 2017

Reasons why your social media customer service should be a focus

Reasons why your social media customer service should be a focus

Social care is a type of customer service that has become so vitally important in the modern world. We’re all glued to our smartphones so often that it has become natural for much of the information we find to come from this source. If your company can deliver…

Training volunteers the right way!

Training Volunteers the Right Way!

If you are an organisation that thrives on a group of volunteers to work within your business, it is important to provide them with the right level of training so that your brand remains a positive one to all of those who come into contact with it.

Here are the benefits of training…

The Importance of Employee Engagement in Improving Customer Service Standards

As a company your customer service standards are a central and important part of the overall message. Raising standards continuously is difficult but one way that is often overlooked is within the company itself and the communication routes between staff at the coalface and managers, directors and owners. A chain of open and honest communication and employee engagement can make a real difference to raising standards for the customer.

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