Building A Bespoke Training Course For Your Business

Building a bespoke training course for your business

When we were creating our training courses at Welcome to Excellence we never wanted to just offer those straightforward courses that suit all customers and all industries. That’s why we have an option for you to create your own bespoke customer service course.

You can choose to develop a course that is more suited to your specific industry, organisation or a customised section of your work in order to tweak the content, the design of the content and how it is delivered. After all, you understand your company better than we do and by adapting the core principles of what we understand (delivering excellent customer service) to be suited to how your staff will respond in terms of delivery, you can maximise the impact on your employees or volunteers.

Companies We've Helped

We also provide an option for our courses to be tailored to meet other types of requirements for organisations. We’ve worked with Metrobus, English Heritage and Gatwick Airport to name just a few, tailoring our customer service training courses to their branding, policies, corporate strategy and specific customer service standards. That way, you can be sure that our approach fits in nicely with your ideals.

Our team will be with you right from the very first conversation, ensuring that all topics are covered that are a necessity, that the design and delivery is put together in a way that suits your organisation and we can also include a participant guide, trainer manual, banner badge and certificate for every course. Our trainers can then train your trainers to ensure that your employees are receiving the highest standard of customer service training.

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