Choosing the right people for your customer service team

Choosing the Right People for a Customer Service Team

Customer service is so important to every business that it is important to invest the energy, time and money into hiring the right team to provide that front-facing aspect of your company. Here we look at a few processes to put the right team in place.

Look to the Interview, Not the CV

– Customer service is about interaction and effective communication with other people. If it’s about making a good first impression with a potential customer, always focus on the interview with a potential candidate, not his or her past experience and qualifications.

Hire a Good Listener

– Effective communication isn’t just about being a positive good talker. If you are a good listener and respond with empathy and kind to a customer, you’ll be a valued member of a customer service team.

Hire Potential Leaders

– Look for those who will inspire others through hard work and determination, a flexibility and adaptability in difficult circumstances and good problem solvers. With the right training programme in place, you can train your own future leaders, saving money and honing a culture for the company.

Hire Those Willing To Learn

– Willing learners and those who might not currently have the specific knowledge but are eager to learn and progress are important for your customer service team. They’ll drive others on and allow you to put in place company ideals and specific processes through customer service training.

For customer service training related to your specific company and industry, speak to the Welcome to Excellence team today.

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