Increasing customer engagement

Increasing customer engagement

Building customer loyalty takes time and if you really want to be known amongst the top companies within your sector you have to pay attention to careful and considered growth in terms of how you deliver your customer service, and how you develop the customer service tactics for your staff.


Dealing with customer complaints

No matter how good you are as an individual, or how well prepared your company is, there will come a time (quite regularly) where you have to face customer complaints or queries about your product and/or service. Dealing with customer complaints successfully and effectively is one of the key components of a great customer service agent. 

Learning how…

The importance of personal contact

Customer service is all about that human interaction, the face-to-face, or voice conversation between you and a customer. There is nothing quite like the feeling of building a successful relationship that ends in someone putting their trust in you and your service/product. Taking that a step further and retaining a customer for future custom, and possibly recommending you to others is fulfilling…

Welcome Afloat - Customer service skills for the leisure marine sector

The leisure marine industry is thriving and to be competitive you have to provide your customers with a good time. Our Welcome Afloat course has been designed to provide those within the leisure marine sector the tools with which to provide their customers with the ultimate boating experience. 

Consistent High…

Top effective phrases in customer service


Customer service is all about habit and language; putting in place a structure of how you want your staff to interact with customers and seeing them build on that over time. Relationships can be built this way retaining customers and seeing them pass on your reputation through word of mouth. There are a few phrases that you can have handy that can be effective in pleasing a customer, even…

How to build customer loyalty

One of the best ways to grow your company is to focus on building customer loyalty. A loyal customer will not only be retained and bring you their custom over many years, they are also more likely to spread the word and bring you new custom through word of mouth. 

How can you build customer loyalty? 


The Importance of Customer Service as the ‘Staycation’ Becomes More Popular

Since the summer of Brexit in the UK and the decision to leave the EU there has been a switch in the types of holidays that British people have been making. If you are in the hospitality, service or tourism industry in the UK, you might find higher number of visitors than you expected.

For many people the fact that the pound is weak has led to holiday’s abroad becoming a lot more expensive…

Exceeding Visitor Customer Service Expectations

Managing a visitor attraction offers challenges in customer service that are a different beast to other sectors. Aiming to exceed the expectations of your customer is the best way to approach customer service at a destination attraction.

Understand the Market – Having a full understanding of the type of visitors you attract is the best way…

Customer Service Priorities at the Busiest Time of the Year

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are in the hospitality or customer service industry you understand completely that you are about to be put through the ringer. It is an important time of year, the busiest, so how can you ensure you maintain those high standards you are proud of?

Stay Positive – Especially when your job is busy, as…

Customer Service During a Music Festival

If you are working at a music festival there are a number of customer service roles to undertake. From the ticketing aspect and entrance to the festival itself, to selling merchandise, or food and drink, the challenges are apparent, and customer service is of the highest priority at all times.

Flexible Thinking – No matter the size of the…

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