Creating Exceptional Sales People

In these days of fierce competition, it is not enough for companies to have adequate, or even good, salespeople working for them; they need exceptional salespeople to ensure that their business stays at the very top of its game.

Improving your customer service skills online

In today’s world it is sometimes easier to study with the use of the internet rather than having to travel to another physical place to receive training.

Excellence — for Volunteers!

The need for excellent customer service does not disappear, just because the people who are in the front lines of interacting with the general public may not actually be getting paid! Even enthusiastic volunteers need to be trained, in order to have their communications and customer service skills up to par.

Tailoring a Flexible Training Strategy for Retail Staff

Retail training is important in order to equip staff members with the skills that are required for them to be able to provide effective service for customers; these include giving advice, promoting products and the handling of returned items and complaints. It is thus vital to ensure that you have given your staff the best possible training.

A Look at Some Training Options

There are a wide range of training options available from Welcome to Excellence, meaning that whatever your particular need is, the chances are we will be able to fulfil it.

First Impressions are Everything in Customer Service

The expression "you only get one chance to make a first impression" is never truer than in the field of customer service. Making a positive first impression is vital to creating a good relationship with customers, whether that interaction is in person or over the phone.

A Boost for the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is always looking for ways to boost its figures, but one of the simplest methods is to make sure that customer service standards exceed expectations.

Why Great Training is Essential for the Hospitality Industry

The primary function of businesses within the hospitality industry is the service of customers, whether those services are related to accommodation, dining or a mixture of both. The importance to the hospitality industry of employee training and development is impossible to overstate, because guest satisfaction is the ultimate aim of every job.

A great online presence - and excellent staff?

In the 21st century almost any form of business will find it difficult to truly get ahead without having at least some form of online presence. Having an online presence is about more than just having a basic website showcasing your business’s name and address, it is about creating an online version of your company which never sleeps.

Creating Brand Ambassadors in the Leisure Marine Sector

The creation of a brand ambassador is a highly important move in any kind of industry in the 21st century, and the leisure marine sector is no exception to this rule. Leisure marine businesses need to have brand managers trained in customer service

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