Customer Service During a Music Festival

Oct 03, 2016

If you are working at a music festival there are a number of customer service roles to undertake. From the ticketing aspect and entrance to the festival itself, to selling merchandise, or food and drink, the challenges are apparent, and customer service is of the highest priority at all times.

Flexible Thinking – No matter the size of the festival, whether a small-town fair with a few bands, or a large-scale national festival, you have to be flexible in your approach. You might have to help out with ticketing, or manage the float for the food stall you’re stationed at. Be prepared to be effective at a few different tasks aside from your own, just in case you’re called upon.

Customer Retention – One of the ways in which music festivals can entice it’s visitors to come back year after year is to have a high level of customer service. Especially if the event runs over a number of days, customers want no hassle and fast service with a smile for their tired and weary legs.

Know Your Audience – Even if you’re not that into the band that are playing right now, the person ordering off you might love them. Of course, you don’t have to pretend they are your favourite artist, but a base knowledge of what’s going on that weekend is a great way to make a brief and pleasant impression with a customer.

Welcome to Excellence promotes customer service for a wide variety of industries. Depending on the type of customer you face and the products and services you sell, there are different challenges and scenarios to overcome. We want to provide you the skills and experience to consistently deliver customer service to the highest standard.

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