Customer Service Training for Volunteers

Nov 2019

Working as a volunteer for an organisation might seem like a nice thing to do, where you won’t need a lot of training to come across well with the members of the public you come into contact with. You’ve got a cheery disposition and you’re known as a ‘people person’ so that should be enough right?

Customer service training for volunteers is necessary for a few reasons, especially as organisations are looking to maximise the donations that they receive, whether that is through direct communication from a volunteer to a member of the public, or through a happy and fulfilling experience where volunteers have enhanced the day for a visitor, inspiring them to donate at a later date.

There are two main reasons why customer service training is vital for volunteers. The first is that each organisation is different. There are different standards and processes in place that each volunteer has to adhere to. One organisation might want you to directly target a specific type of person for a donation, whereas another needs you to help create an experience at an event or location. Specific customer service training to an individual organisation is crucial to the success of the team of volunteers.

The second benefit is that your volunteers might be coming from a wide range of backgrounds, some without any customer service training or experience at all. In these cases the basics are required, as well as an understanding of how to communicate successfully with customers, create a good first impression of the organisation and be prepared for anything.

For those organisations that rely on volunteers to function and thrive, customer service training is an essential part of the whole package. Speak to the Welcome to Excellence team today to find out how we can help your volunteers meet your high standards.

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