Exceeding Visitor Customer Service Expectations

Nov 08, 2016

Managing a visitor attraction offers challenges in customer service that are a different beast to other sectors. Aiming to exceed the expectations of your customer is the best way to approach customer service at a destination attraction.

Understand the Market – Having a full understanding of the type of visitors you attract is the best way to plan your customer service plan. It will change according to the age of visitors, whether you require staff members with different types of language skills, or specific health and safety experience.

Provide an Accessible Service – Putting in place staff members that understand different sections of the community, whilst providing the necessary equipment and physical access to allow everyone to enjoy your attraction, will boost your reputation.

Inspire and Educate – Your staff members should be ambassadors not only for your specific attraction, but for the area as well. Arm them with the knowledge they need to thrive, providing information in an inspiring way to visitors and helping them feel part of the day.

Think on Your Feet – To exceed expectation your staff must be able to think fast and effectively in challenging situations. Train them in the best way to communicate with customers in the best and worst scenarios, so they always know what is expected of them.

Welcome to Excellence offers a course dedicated to exceeding visitor expectations. The course has been designed specifically for front-line staff at visitor attractions and combines our high quality training experience with the expertise of Visit England’s Visitor Attractions Quality Scheme. Call us to find out more.

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