Focus on the Customer

Mar 07, 2017

Customer advocacy is a way of looking after your customers at all times, with the end game of retaining customers and ensuring that they help with marketing your business through word of mouth recommendations. In today’s society there is so much scope for your customers to talk about you either in person with friends, colleagues and family, but also to the wider world through social media. It has meant that marketing is possible for everyone, even in the smallest way.

Why should you ensure your business has the customer experience at the centre of its operations to ensure customer advocacy?

Increase Your Revenue – If you increase your customer advocacy you will see a definite correlation in your revenue growth over time. A handful of advocates will make a big difference by spreading your brand to their wider world.

People Trust Friends – Customers that have arrived to you through a friend’s referral are more likely to stay with you. There is a bigger trust between friends than there is between a new customer who has clicked on a paid link to arrive at your website for instance.

Lessen Your Need for a Sales Team – Sales teams are good at what they do, but it is harder to sell to someone if you’ve never met them before. Customers advocating for you can become an authentic and effective part of your sales team.

Core Customers Spend More – Your top customers are more likely to spend money with you on a regular basis and spend more, than normal customers.

Advocates are Great Networkers – If you have focused on your customer service and have advocates of your business, they are likely to also encourage others to use multiple companies, providing a gateway to tie-ins with other types of businesses, expanding your network and potential.

Improving your customer service is central to increasing the number of your customers who refer you to others. If you’d like to train your staff in a number of customer service techniques and processes, give Welcome to Excellence a call today.

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