How Bad Customer Service is Worse than No Customer Service at All

Sep 17, 2018

Customer service isn’t just a buzzword that should be paid lip service to, or ignored. It is widely acknowledged that customer service should be a priority within many different types of industry, and in many ways if a customer experiences bad customer service at the hands of your employees, this is much worse for your reputation and standing as a company, than if they received no customer service at all.

Bad customer service can take a number of forms. It can mean long waiting times and long response times, a poor attention to detail, unprofessional interactions and impersonal communications and a lack of experience and knowledge from staff members regarding specific products and services.

Bad customer service can have long-term negative consequences for a company, but they can be rectified with careful training and management of resources. Let's take a look at a few reasons why good customer service is important to your organisation.

Repair a Damaged Reputation – The reputation of your organisation and brand is crucial to the development and acquirement of more customers. With the advent of social media and instant appraisal by customers through the Internet, bad customer service can lead to an instant hit of a company’s reputation. It might have taken you 5 years to build up a good reputation, but it only takes one interaction over the course of a few minutes to damage that reputation. With the right training your staff can understand how vital it is to prevent incidents like this from taking place, whilst also understanding the steps to take to rectify an issue where bad customer service has been delivered.

Convert Good Leads – In certain businesses where sales figures are analysed in order to boost figures, bad customer service can sometimes be a factor in poor sales figures. Customer service doesn’t always just relate solely to current customers, as a bad experience with a sales person can lead to a good lead turning cold in a matter of moments. This can be the result of poor communication or a complete lack of communication in the form of a follow up call or conversation. Installing a good internal system to better manage leads and calls is a good start, but customer service can be taught to ensure your staff make the most of every single call to a potential customer.

Replacing Customers Costs Money – Consistent bad service only leads one way, to failure. If you are constantly losing customers as a result of poor customer service, your profits will soon be non-existent as it costs more money to generate new leads and to find new customers, than to keep your current customers happy. Spend some time training customer service to your employees and it will pay off over the longer-term.

At Welcome to Excellence we strive to provide excellent customer service to our clients. With that in mind our courses are tailored to individual industries and companies and provide the best tools for any given situation or scenario. Customer service can make such a big difference to the success or failure of a company; so it is vital that you provide your employees with the tools to succeed. As you can see, having bad customer service can often be worse than no customer service at all, but why not get it right first time by offering a consistently high standard of good customer service. It’ll boost your brand reputation and grow your legacy customers at the same time.

To find the right training course for your company or organisation, feel free to browse our simple to use website, or contact our team for more information specific to you.

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