How to build customer loyalty

Feb 08, 2017

One of the best ways to grow your company is to focus on building customer loyalty. A loyal customer will not only be retained and bring you their custom over many years, they are also more likely to spread the word and bring you new custom through word of mouth.

How can you build customer loyalty?

Understand Your Customers – If they aren’t being loyal to you, why not? Find out what your competitors are doing better, straight from the mouth of your customers. The higher percentage of customers you retain, the higher your profits will be. Customer service is usually a big sign of retention or loss of custom.

Loyalty Schemes – Sometimes the high value clients will only last a short time with you. Granted, they might bring in some big bucks, but a middle tier customer, signed up to a loyalty scheme, might bring you more value in the long-term.

Encourage Brand Engagement – Learn about the marketing channels that make the most impact on your core customers and how likely they are to engage with various types of techniques. You can quickly learn which customers need some love, and those that can be left a little alone and still return to spend with you.

At Welcome to Excellence we believe in high quality and consistent customer service, no matter the industry you are in, or the type of customers you are dealing with on a daily basis. Browse our website to see the myriad of courses we have available. Any questions, please feel free to chat with a friendly member of our team.

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