Increasing customer engagement

Mar 06, 2017

Increasing customer engagement

Building customer loyalty takes time and if you really want to be known amongst the top companies within your sector you have to pay attention to careful and considered growth in terms of how you deliver your customer service, and how you develop the customer service tactics for your staff.

There are a few ways in which you can add to the experience your customers have with you, and increase client retention in the process. At the top of your client retention list will be a small number of ‘super-users’, those individuals who feel deeply connected to your company and are willing to spread the word of mouth through their own experiences of being your customer. How do you ensure you are moving towards a time where you have super-users?

Listen to On-Going Problems – Your biggest customers will be those that feel valued. Always be on top of how your customers feel about your goods and service, ask them directly if they’ve faced any issues and look to eliminate those problems as quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively as you can.

Be Willing to Pay Out – Sometimes a little thank you or apology to one of your customers might leave you out of pocket in the short-term but have a wide reaching impact for your reputation in the longer-term. An upgrade to a service is a type of engagement that a customer is likely to remember and cherish for a long time.

Referral Schemes – Referral schemes are a common tactic to entice customers to spread your services to friends and family, but it really does work. Find the right type of referral scheme that works for you, whether a cash gift, a free service, an upgrade or many other possibilities.

Engage and Publicly Show-Off Customers – Social media especially, has made it much easier for us to engage with your customers. For those who share your product and service and talk about you in a positive way online, interact with them and publicly thank them. It’ll make them feel valued and provide that gratification that spurs on-going interaction.

Implement Customer Loyalty Programme – If it is possible with the type of service that you offer, try to implement a customer loyalty program that engages with customers in a way that they are willing to pay upfront to be part of an ‘exclusive’ club. Whether this entitles them to free delivery, limited edition products or something else, there is plenty of scope to be creative here.

Link to Charities – Linking to charities is a great thing to do from an ethical standpoint but it can also help you increase your reputation as a brand to trust. As time goes by you can mine your customers for information and link to charities that mean something to them, increasing engagement even further.

Welcome to Excellence believes in increasing customer engagement through regular training, providing your staff with the customer service training that will make a real difference to the growth of your company.

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