Reasons Why Your Social Media Customer Service Should Be a Focus

Jul 28, 2017

Social media care is a type of customer service that has become so vitally important in the modern world. We’re all glued to our smartphones so often that it has become natural for much of the information we find to come from this source. If your company can deliver quality customer service through social media channels that many people are using on a daily basis, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goals in terms of customer satisfaction levels.

Have a Steady Social Media Presence

– The first thing to realise is that having a social media presence alone isn’t good enough. A brand with a Twitter or Facebook account that last posted 6 months ago isn’t going to gain the trust of someone who is checking his or her phone every few minutes is it?

Create your social profiles and be sure to always have a presence, with regular posts, either scheduled with links to your website and other news sources, or comments on other threads. Being active builds trust with your potential customer base.

Be prepared to offer real insight and authority

– One thing you have to do with social media is to offer real insight into your business practice and brand. Your customers and potential customers want to know about your company and how it works. Everyone wants a glimpse behind the curtain and this is an easy way to provide that (without giving away too many trade secrets of course!).

Be Quick To Respond

– Much like when a customer calls or emails your customer service team, they will want a quick response if they have contacted you via social media. Have a team in place that can answer within a speedy timeframe, as long as they have all the information at their fingertips to be able to help. A quick response must be with authority and the ability to offer assistance, a refund, a gesture and other customer service tactics that work in other channels.

Have Fun, Be Fun

– Most of all you should have fun with your branded social media channels. All of the above matters to the integrity of your brand but there must be a playful side of your company shining through too. Most of your customers and potential customers will be looking for a reason to like you, and by having fun with your shared content and replies to messages you can create a buzz around your brand that can be hard to replicate without paying through the nose for advertising elsewhere.

For more information about the customer service training courses we have, you can browse our simple to use website, or contact us for more assistance and guidance. Welcome to Excellence is proud to serve our customers with fantastic training opportunities with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction across the board.

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