The Importance of Customer Service as the ‘Staycation’ Becomes More Popular

Nov 23, 2016

Since the summer of Brexit in the UK and the decision to leave the EU there has been a switch in the types of holidays that British people have been making. If you are in the hospitality, service or tourism industry in the UK, you might find higher number of visitors than you expected.

For many people the fact that the pound is weak has led to holiday’s abroad becoming a lot more expensive than it has been in recent years. Add to that the enticing reversal that will see more tourists flood into the UK as a result, and you’ve got a changing scenario of a boost to the domestic tourist industry.

Keep your Customer Base Happy – Your returning customers are your bread and butter and you need to ensure that your service doesn’t drop to a level that loses you that custom in the long-term.

Learn How to Cope with Larger Numbers – Training your staff in how to stay positive and effective with larger numbers of visitors is a great way to ensure your company can evolve and grow.

Maintain Standards – At all times you should look to maintain the high standards your company is based around. Focusing on the detail of customer service is no more important than at a time like this.

Welcome to Excellence has a range of training courses that have been devised to bring the best in customer service to your customers. With the boost in tourism in the UK as a result of Brexit and the idea of a ‘Staycation’ rather than a holiday abroad for British families becoming more popular, it is imperative that your staff have the highest standards across the board in terms of customers service for hospitality, hotels and attractions.

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