How Bad Customer Service is Worse than No Customer Service at All

Sep 17, 2018

The power of customer service within any industry is integral to the success or failure of a business. All businesses want to see an upward trend in the amount of new customers they are attracting, but without a core base of loyal customers, no business can survive in the long-term. Your customer service programme is the central point of focus to ensure that your first-time buyers become full-time customers.

Here we take a look at a few tips that can help you get your team in shape when working on the customer service side of your business.

Real Phone Conversations

– Your website and social media presence are important as people do want to find information out on the move a lot of the time. Much can be said, however, for the art of real conversation. Have a customer service team on the phone, ready to go, and wherever possible try to avoid automation or voice messaging services. Your customers will respond better to a real human voice with the ability to build trust and a long-standing relationship.

Don’t Refuse a Customer Request

- Even if a customer makes a really outlandish request during a conversation or correspondence with a member of your customer service team, ensure that your employees never just say no to a customer. They just don’t want to hear that. It is all part of the bargaining process and should be seen as a test of your capacity to always look for the positive and try to find a resolution for your customers.

Stay Polite

– No matter how heated or angry a customer gets during a call or face-to-face meeting, your staff must understand that there is always a way to attempt to win them round calmly. All anyone wants from your customer service staff is to be listened to. As hard as it may seem, stay calm, polite and make it known that you are genuinely listening to the customers’ concerns and will look for a resolution. If a customer continues to be aggressive after all attempts have been made it is important to end the call in a safe manner, without it resulting in an argument.

Welcome to Excellence has the experience of providing customer service training for a variety of industries. If you’d like to find out more please browse our website and if there is anything else you need to know our own customer service team will be happy to assist. Building long-term relationships with customers is achievable through a consistent approach to customer service, ensuring that your first-time buyers become loyal customers.

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