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Green Edge overview

The one-day Green Edge training course gives managers and owners in all types of business a better understanding of green tourism and how it impacts on their organisation. It enables participants to develop clear plans to cut costs, improve sustainability and reap the environmental, marketing and bottom-line benefits of embracing green tourism.

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Green Edge participants will:

  • understand what Green Tourism really means and how it affects their business
  • identify how to cut energy, water and waste costs by up to 40%
  • learn why being an active part of the community and using locally-produced goods can support a more sustainable, visitor-friendly destination
  • add value to their marketing and promote their business effectively to the 65% 'green-influenced' consumers
  • receive practical tips and develop a Green Tourism policy and clear action plans that make an immediate impact
  • gain credits towards nationally-recognised GTBS (Green Tourism Business Scheme) Awards
Full course details

The course includes cost reduction; working effectively with local communities and suppliers to improve a destination’s green credentials; marketing and communications; understanding green-conscious visitors’ expectations; and implementing a Green Tourism strategy.

Green Edge provides credits towards Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) awards accreditation. It helps businesses using VisitEngland’s Green Start programme, a web-based resource, to turn their initial planning into practical action (*more details below)

Green Edge combines significant learning with practical development exercises so that participants are equipped with new knowledge and clear action plans.

Green Edge covers:
Reasons for being green
  • Sustaining your business
  • Reducing resources and costs
  • Attracting visitors and improving customer satisfaction
  • Benefiting the environment and the community
Understanding Green Tourism jargon
  • The terminology and what it means
Managing delivery of Green Tourism
  • Identifying the impacts on your business
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Developing a strategy and action plans
  • Motivating and managing staff
  • Monitoring progress
Reducing costs and impacts
  • Top tips to save energy, water and waste
  • Setting targets and developing action plans
Working with suppliers
    • Tips for green procurement
    • Trade-offs - what matters most to you?
    • Developing a product inventory
Adding a distinctive local feel
  • Your community's tourism assets
  • Helping visitors to travel better
  • Partnerships to protect local assets
Promoting your green credentials
  • Identifying green-aware customers
  • Communicating sustainability messages
  • Accreditation opportunities
  • Walking the walk - ensuring you stay on the green track

* Green Start web-based resource is available, at no cost, to all tourism businesses interested in understanding how they can save money, encourage greater efficiency, add appeal to their business and begin a journey of doing business even better. It has been designed to help businesses review their performance and illustrate how sustainable practice can be part of normal business.

Course Prices

In-house course price: £900.00

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Scheduled courses for individual bookings available in some locations.

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Delivered exclusively for a business, organisation or project on a date and location of own choice.

Bespoke Course

Producing new or customising content to precisely match business, organisation, destination or project requirements.

Train the Trainer

Members of your team become accredited to deliver in-house courses for your business, organisation or project.


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