World class customer service training courses

Welcome to Excellence aims to offer customer service training courses that lead the way in customer service quality standards worldwide. Our suite of short and high impact courses provide front-line staff and managers with the skills needed to deliver great customer service as well as innovative short courses on specific themes.

All of the Welcome to Excellence training courses can be tailored to suit individual business, company or local destination needs. Through a national network of partners we are able to offer quick, flexible and cost effective customer service training solutions to suit all service sector businesses.

Building a competitive advantage for your business

We can work with you to create and deliver courses that will drive team performance, enhance motivation and improve results. Our programme of opportunities is extensive and includes:

Off the shelf - our standard courses delivered on an open or in-house basis direct to individuals or teams or through company-trained trainers. 

Tailored and customised - courses tailored or developed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and staff.

Bespoke - working together with larger organisations to deliver a full package including planning and developing customer service programmes, training and evaluating trainers and managing administrative functions.  We could also work with you to align your programme to the national customer service standards if preferred.


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Customer service courses

Welcome Host customer service course 
Our world-famous introduction to the essentials of great customer service. Welcome Host also offers a customised version - 'Welcome Host for Local Authorities

Welcome Host Gold customer service course
This one-day course is mapped to national standards with content aimed at helping your staff deliver a world-class welcome through improved sales and team working.

Welcome Host Plus customer service course
The ideal next step from Welcome Host or as a customer service refresher course.

Welcome All disability awareness course
An insight into how to meet the expectations of people with disabilities or specific needs. Welcome All offers practical advice on how to improve your service and welcome to customers and explains the key aspects of the Equality Act 2010.

Welcome International customer service course
How to provide an exceptional customer service experience to visitors from overseas as well as build effective relationships with colleagues from other countries.

Welcome Line (telephone) customer service course
Designed specifically to make sure that all telephone and email contact with customers is first-class. Welcome Line will help improve communication skills as well as help you handle difficult calls and show you how to up-sell and increase sales.


Welcome to Excellence courses for supervisors/managers and proprietors

Lead, Motivate and Succeed customer service course
Inspires first-time managers and supervisors to become great team leaders and inspire world-class performance from your team.

Welcome Management customer service course
For managers and proprietors, this course shows you how to develop and implement an effective customer service strategy for your organisation.


Customer service courses for other sectors

Exceeding Visitor Expectations course
This one-day course has been designed specifically for front-line staff working in a visitor attraction and will help your staff to provide an outstanding service to all your visitors.

Delivering Service Excellence
Take customer service standards to the highest level and wow your customers with a quality of service that really excels. 

Welcome Host for Local Authorities  
This course has been developed to help individuals and organisations to improve the service that they provide to their customers.

Delivering Service Excellence in Health and Social Care
This course will help you communicate successfully with, and provide excellent customer service to, patients and their relatives, friends and carers and your colleagues.

Welcome Afloat
This course is designed to help participants provide excellent service to all their customers and deliver a great boating experience


Business Development courses

Win More Conference and Events Business 
This one-day interactive programme will help hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses boost sales for meetings, conferences and functions.


Destination versions

Customised destination programmes combine 'Welcome Host Gold' customer service skills with destination knowledge enabling you to provide excellent customer service to visitors and local residents.


Environmental awareness courses

Green Edge 
Discover how the principles of green tourism can help you control costs, improve efficiency and attract a rapidly expanding market who appreciate special and authentic experiences.

Welcoming Walkers and Cyclists 
Discover what you can do to make your business walker and cyclist friendly and how to use promotional activities to enable you to capture a part of this growing market.


Ambassador and volunteer courses

Hosting the World 
For volunteers and local 'ambassadors' this half-day workshop goes beyond customer service and encourages pride in the local area/destination.

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