Exceeding visitor expectations training course

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The Exceeding Visitor Expectations one-day training course has been designed specifically for visitor attraction front-line staff that combines the expertise of VisitEngland's Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme and the experience of the renowned Welcome to Excellence training programmes.

Exceeding Visitor Expectations will help participants to:

  • identify what your attraction and the area where you work has to offer
  • understand who your visitors are and what they need and expect
  • meet, manage and, whenever possible, exceed visitor expectations
  • welcome visitors from all sections of the community and provide an accessible service
  • communicate successfully with visitors
  • use product/destination knowledge to provide information and advice in an inspiring way
  • deal effectively with challenging situations
  • act as an ambassador for your attraction and local area

 Download our Exceeding Visitor Expectations leaflet here - English Version

 Download our Exceeding Visitor Expectations leaflet here - Scottish Version

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Full course details

Exceeding Visitor Expectations is a highly practical customer service training course aimed at front-line staff working in a visitor attraction.

Exceeding Visitor Expectations covers:

  1. Creating great experiences
    • Developing your knowledge and skills
    • Meeting national standards
    • Learning outcomes
    • What's in it for me?
    • Types of visitor attraction
    • Positive and negative experiences
  1. Identifying, meeting and exceeding visitor expectations
    • Understanding your visitors
    • Who are your visitors?
    • Making an offer
    • What does your attraction have to offer?
    • Meeting and exceeding expectations
    • Managing expectations
    • Identifying visitor expectations
    • Customer service trends
    • The visitor journey
    • Competition and collaboration
  1. Delivering a high quality service
    • Contributing to a great visitor experience
    • Characteristics of excellent service
    • You're welcome
    • Making an impression
    • Managing queues
    • Behaviour, attitude and enthusiasm
    • Practical and emotional needs
    • Efficient and responsive service
    • Setting and maintaining standards
    • Polices and procedures
    • Working as an effective team
    • Improving your team's performance
    • An attraction for everyone
    • Improving access
    • Overcoming barriers to accessibility at your attraction
    • Talking to disabled visitors
    • Welcoming visitors of all ages
    • Different cultures, different languages
    • Speaking to international visitors
  1. Communicating with visitors
    • The role of communication at an attraction
    • Why are communication skills so important?
    • Personal communication
    • Choosing your words
    • Vocal communication
    • Communicating without words
    • How good are your listening skills
    • Active listening
    • Answering questions
    • Telephone calls
  2. Engaging with and inspiring visitors
    • Product and destination knowledge
    • What do you need to know?
    • Bringing your attraction to life
    • Engaging your visitors
    • Communicating with larger groups
    • Being pro-active
  1. Resolving challenging situations
    • Challenging situations
    • Visitor dissatisfaction
    • Handling a complaint
    • Don't make matters worse
    • Responding to challenging situations
    • Visitor feedback
  1. Promoting your attraction
    • Acting as an ambassador
    • Promoting your brand
    • Encouraging secondary spend
    • Options for boosting business
    • Selling an attraction
    • Features, advantages and benefits
    • Link, cross and up-selling
    • Using effective sales techniques
  1. Now it's up to you
    • Improving quality
    • Exceeding visitor expectations


Course prices

Open course price: £90.00

In-house course price: £900.00

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