Welcome Afloat Training - Deliver a Great Boating Experience.

The Welcome Afloat course is a one-day, interactive training programme developed by Welcome to Excellence Ltd and a working group led by British Marine for leisure marine businesses.  It is designed to help participants provide excellent service to all their customers and deliver a great boating experience.

Welcome Afloat participants will learn how to:

  • attract and retain customers
  • understand who their customers are and what they need and expect
  • meet, manage and, whenever possible, exceed customer expectations
  • appreciate the key elements of excellent customer service
  • deliver a great boating experience on a consistent basis
  • work with their colleagues to deliver excellent service
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  • communicate and connect with customers
  • deal effectively with challenging situations
  • act as a brand ambassador for their organisation and work to boost business
  • develop an action plan to keep customers for life

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Full course details

Welcome Afloat is a highly practical customer service training course, using varied active training styles to give participants the skills and knowledge they can immediately use in the workplace. Interactive learning, group exercises, personal action planning and a host of great tips all equip participants to make a real difference to customers' experiences.

Welcome Afloat covers:

  1. A warm welcome
    • Introduction
    • Meeting national standards
    • Why are we here?
    • What do you want to achieve?
  1. Attracting and retaining customers
    • Taking to the water
    • Why do visitors choose your area?
    • Attracting customers to your business
    • Creating a competitive edge
    • Who are your competitors?
    • Developing a distinctive local character
    • Taking action on the environment
  1. Inspiring your customers and making a difference
    • Becoming an expert
    • Responding to requests
    • Presenting information to customers
    • Engaging with and inspiring customers
    • Being pro-active
  1. Meeting and exceeding expectations
    • Finding out about your customers
    • Who are your customers?
    • Customer needs and expectations
    • Managing expectations
    • Changing expectations
    • Looking to the future
    • Customer loyalty
    • The lifetime value of a customer
    • The customer journey
  1. Creating a great boating experience
    • Aim for service excellence
    • Characteristics of excellent service
    • Creating an impression
    • Making a positive impression
    • Customer service opportunities
    • Your customer service opportunities
    • It's your choice
    • Working successfully with your colleagues
    • Improving your team's performance
    • Collaborating with the boating community
  1. Excellence for everyone
    • A boating experience for everyone
    • Access to boating
    • Overcoming barriers to accessibility
    • Welcoming customers of all ages
    • Communicating with international customers
  1. Communicating successfully
    • Connecting and engaging with customers
    • Why are communication skills so important?
    • The communication process
    • Choosing words to inspire confidence
    • Building trust
    • It's not just the words
    • Positive body language
    • Are you an active listener?
    • Improving your listening skills
    • Asking the right questions
    • Telephone calls from customers
    • Effective telephone conversations
    • Communicating in writing
  1. Resolving challenging situations
    • Challenging situations
    • Customer dissatisfaction
    • The power of social media
    • How do you react?
    • Handling a complaint
    • Don't make matters worse
    • Resolving complaints
    • Receiving feedback from customers
    • Customer feedback
    • Learning from feedback
  2. Promoting boating and your business
    • Acting as an ambassador 
    • Promoting your brand
    • Matching products and services to customer needs
    • Options for boosting business
    • Encouraging secondary spend
    • Representing your business
  1. Keeping customers for life
    • Making it memorable
    • Now it's up to you


Course prices

Open course price: £90.00

In-house course price: £900.00 (10% discount for British Marine members)

Pack price: £25.00

Course reviews

"I have worked in customer service in one form or another from the age 16 and at the grand old age of 50, I thought there was nothing new that anyone could teach me.

How wrong I was.  Amy was an inspiration.  She made me realise that some of my ways were outdated and I had turned into a nineties customer service throwback!

I came away with a myriad of ideas and methods, from how to introduce myself effectively to how to close a sale to successfully terminating a telephone call.  Without giving too much away, I have even bought myself some smiley bendy men!  Go on this course, you won't regret it!

Becky Rashbrook
ABC Leisure Group

"Catherine Bowie is a fantastic course leader and all three of us that attended Welcome Afloat left in a very positive frame of mind. The course underlined what we are doing right as a team and also gave us positive things to bring back to the company which I will suggest are implemented." 

Andrea Martin-Wright
Sunbird UK Ltd

Course dates

For more information call 023 8062 5439 or click here to email

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