Welcome Host for Volunteers - customer service training

This half day course has been designed specifically for volunteers who come into contact with members of the public while at work and will help participants to improve their customer service and communications skills.

You will look how to

  • recognise the importance of customer service when volunteering
  • identify key elements of excellent customer service
  • identify the expectations of your customers
  • create a favourable impression
  • communicate successfully with customers
  • provide information and advice to customers
  • meet additional needs
  • deal effectively with difficult situations
  • use your customer service skills to increase service usage


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Full course details

This half day course will help volunteers see their role and improve the quality of their customer service, equipping them with practical skills and strategies. 

Welcome Host for Volunteers covers:

  1. Welcoming customers
    • The value of excellent customer service
    • Why are we here?
    • Activity What do you want to achieve?
  1. Understanding our customers
    • The customer experience
    • Activity When you're the customer
    • Internal and external customers
    • Activity Your internal customers
    • Activity Who are your external customers?
  1. Working as a team
    • Working successfully with your colleagues
    • Characteristics of customer-focused teams
  1. Delivering service excellence
    • Key elements of customer service
    • Activity Key characteristics
    • Customer service trends
    • Activiy Changing expectations
    • Activity Check your level of service
    • Setting and maintaining standards
    • Activity What are your standards?
    • First impressions
    • Activity Impressions
    • Activity Creating a favourable impression
  1. Communicating successfully
    • The communication process
    • Activity Types of communication
    • Activity Choosing your words
    • It's not just what you say....
    • Activity Body language
    • Activity Why aren't you listening?
    • Are you listening?
    • That's a good question
    • Activity Open and closed questions
  1. Providing information and advice
    • Presenting information to customers
    • Activity Providing information on facilities and services
  1. Meeting additional needs
    • Activity Additional needs
    • Providing an accessible service
    • Language and cultural diversity
    • Activity Different cultures
    • Welcoming customers of all ages
    • Activity Different needs for different ages
  1. Dealing with difficult situations
    • Activity Complaints and dissatisfaction
    • Customer dissatisfaction
    • Activity Handling complaints
    • Resolving challenging situations
  1. Acting as an ambassador
    • Encouraging repeat business
    • Activity Promoting your organisation
    • Improving quality
    • Activity Improvements you can make
  1. Assessment activity



Course prices

Open course price: Contact your local training manager

In-house course price: £750.00

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