Welcoming International Customers

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Welcoming International Customers overview

Having an understanding of different cultures is an essential part of delivering great service to international customers.

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You will look at:

  • the key visitor trends relating to incoming tourists
  • why it is important to offer great service to international customers
  • what is culture and why intercultural skills are needed
  • how culture impacts on customer service encounters
  • how to work effectively with language differences
  • everyday business practicalities including the use of social media
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The course aims to instill a good understanding of how to provide a world class welcome to international customers.

The course provides advice and guidance on essential topics and practicalities that will be of immediate benefit in workplace situations and can be delivered either on a short or full-day basis.

Welcome International covers:
  • What will I learn and setting the scene
Our international customers
  • Key international visitor trends
  • The importance of overseas visitors to Britain and your business
  • Where do your international customers come from?
Culture and customer service
  • What is culture?
  • Why does culture matter in customer service?
  • Avoiding assumptions and stereotyping
Welcoming our international customers
  • What makes a welcome?
  • Improving Britain's welcome
  • Tips on how to greet international visitors
  • How welcoming are your facilities and services?
  • What could you do to make a difference?
  • Going the extra mile
Communicating with our international customers
  • Different ways of communicating
  • Translation options and social media opportunities
  • Learning and using other languages
  • Working effectively with language differences
Everyday practicalities
  • Meeting international customer's expectations
  • Essential business hints and tips
Now it's up to you
  • Enhancing your knowledge
  • Action planning
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Open Course

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In-House Course

Delivered exclusively for a business, organisation or project on a date and location of own choice.

Bespoke Course

Producing new or customising content to precisely match business, organisation, destination or project requirements.

Train the Trainer

Members of your team become accredited to deliver in-house courses for your business, organisation or project.


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